Competitive advantages for business

The Navoi Free Economic Zone is the first free economic zone of Uzbekistan, established in 2008 in the Karmaninsky district of the Navoi region. Today it is the largest industrial site, with a total area of ​​645 hectares, which has a developed engineering infrastructure and convenient logistics. The residents of the FEZ are provided with unprecedented customs and tax benefits, as well as the possibility of maximally simplifying any procedures.
A rich resource base, a favorable location, the availability of inexpensive but qualified labor resources, preferential regimes - all this makes the Navoi FEZ one of the best sites for hosting production projects.



Highly commended – Asia: Navoi Free Industrial Economic Zone, Uzbekistan

Investors in Navoi Free Industrial Economic Zone – highly commended in the Asia category of this year’s awards and winner of the sub-regional central Asia category – enjoy free trade access to other Commonwealth of Independent States member countries, meaning readily available large market access. The zone operates a one-stop shop service alongside a specialist investor relations department, to ensure that procedures are simplified and shortened for investing companies. Following the establishment of the investor relations department, in co-operation with the local chamber of commerce, production and sales in multinational companies increased 33% between 2014 and 2015. A financial centre is located in the zone, providing investors with access to preferable rates on bank loans and to funds for the development and expansion of companies.