Agricultural sector

Main sectors of agriculture are cotton-growing, grain-growing, vegetable growing, melon and gourd cultivation, viticulture, astrakhan sheep breeding and silkworm breeding.

110 thousand tons of raw cotton, 247,2 thousand tons of grain as well as 421 thousand tons of fruit and vegetable products including more than 149 thousand tons of vegetables, 42 thousand tons of potatoes, about 46 tons of grapes, 61 thousand tons fruits and 42 thousand tons of melons and gourds are being grown in the province annually. Approximately 20% of total amount of fruits and vegetables is processed.

The share of production of agricultural products in total volume of production of the country amounted to 4,1% for grain, 5,2% for vegetables, 2.1% for potatoes, 6,1% for melons and gourds, 3,8,4% for fruits, 9,1,6% for grapes and 41,5% karakul fur.

More than 500 thousand pieces of karakul fur are produced each year in the province. The province ranks the second place after Bukhara province in production of karakul fur in the country. Quantity of livestock amounts to more than 326 thousand, quantity of sheep reaches 1.8 million and quantity of pigs amounts to 18,2 thousand; this allows developing hide processing.

Total land area constitutes 10.9 million hectares, area of agricultural lands amounts to 10.1 million hectares including 10 million hectares of pasture lands, irrigated areas comprise 91.6 thousand hectares with their portion being 0.9%.

There are more than 7 522 farm enterprises in the province.