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"" - resource catalogue of Uzbekistan

Catalogues of websites of Uzbekistan

"" - поисковая система Узбекистана

Search system

Uzbekistan International Business Center (Tashkent)

Description of conference halls, facilities and technical equipment. List of services

"Yellow Pages" – Uzbekistan’s yellow pages

Directory (addresses, telephones) of enterprises, firms, banks and agencies operating in the regions of Uzbekistan

"Golden pages of Uzbekistan" - Directory

Directory information on enterprises operating on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan

"Smetradecenter" - Company directory

Catalogue of companies and organizations of the Central Asia (CIS) countries

"Emilia Baraka" - Recruiting agency

Personnel recruitment, assistance in employment. Methods of employment. Cost of services. Vacancies

"HRC" - Recruiting company

Recruitment of permanent and temporary personnel, staff consulting, corporate trainings and so on. Hot vacancies

"" - Recruitment of service personnel

Database of resumes and vacancies of service personnel: baby sitters, tutors, drivers, household assistants

"ProfiStaff" - Human resources agency

Recruitment of personnel, staff consulting, holding sales business trainings and psychological trainings and human resource management trainings

"" - Jobs in Uzbekistan

Database of resumes and vacancies. Database search system. Chance to post own information

Uzbek-Japanese Center for Human Resources Development

Conducting business courses, teaching Japanese. Description of courses, news. Event announcements. Contacts

"UzInfoCom" - Application of computer technologies

Services on analysis and research of the information-communications technologies markets; creating websites

"Tashkent Municipal Telephone Network”

List of services: telephony, Internet, ADSL-channels.

"Texnoprosistem" - Internet provider

Internet access on dial-up and ADSL-channels, Web-design

"ARS-Inform" - Internet provider (Tashkent)

Internet, Web-design, hosting

"Sharq Telekom" - Internet provider

Internet access on dial-up, ISDN and ADSL-channels, digital telephony, hosting

"UzNet" - Internet provider

Internet access on dial-up and ADSL-channels, web-pages creation

"UzSciNet" - scientific and educational network of Uzbekistan

Network information, Access to web, hosting, domain support and so on. Web-pages of educational and scientific institutions

"" - Computer market of Uzbekistan

Free announcements of the IT-equipment manufacturers and suppliers of Uzbekistan

"" - Pharmacy portal of Tashkent

Search of medicines and medical purpose items at pharmacy stores in Tashkent. Directory. Pharmacy vacancies and resumes

""- Foodstuff delivery in Tashkent

Illustrated catalogue of foodstuff and drinks, prices for them. Additional services

"Toshkent rielt" - Real estate agency of Tashkent

Buy, sale, lease of living, commercial and countryside estate; legal support of all deals

"" - Restaurants in Tashkent

Catalogue of restaurants with photos, menu, contact information. Addresses of restaurants posted with specialized kitchens

"" - Announcement poster of Tashkent

Poster of cinemas, theater repertoire, schedule of concerts, parties and exhibitions. Directory and feedback

«GS1 Uzbekistan» Association

Integrated system of global standards that provides for accurate identification and communication of information regarding products, assets, services and locations.