Industrial potential

The share of the regional industrial production in total republican production amounts to 11,2%.The economy of the province is based on such industrial enterprises as Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combinate, chemical industry enterprises (Open Joint Stock Company “Navoiazot”, Uzbek-Panamanian Joint Venture Joint Stock Company “Electrokhimzavod”), enterprises producing construction materials (Joint Stock Company “Kyzylkumcement”, Joint Stock Company “UPP”), machinery-building and electrochemical factories, a hydroelectric power plant (Open Joint Stock Company “Navoi TES”), enterprises of textile and food industries.

In total, 1147 enterprises function in the province with annual production output of more than 1304.2 billion soums (795.2 million US dollars).

Industrial enterprises of the province produce more than 50 types of important industrial products such as ammonia nitrate (70% of overall republican production), nitronic fiber (100%), sulfuric acid (25.4%), protective chemicals for plants (100%), ammonia sulfate (1%), cement (44.8%), precast reinforced concrete products (4.2%), cotton fiber (3.5%), hosiery (1%) and knitwear (0.5%) products, jewelry products (56%), walling materials (6%), foodstuff such bakery products (2.4%), meat and meat products (2.1%),  confectionery products (1.3%) and bear (2.6%).